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How To Create a GREAT Special!

Spoiler Alert: It’s easier than you think.

Posted by The PLATE Team on October 25, 2018

Hey there!

From our humble beginnings in Lafayette, LA, we realized that a lack of attention was being brought to the doorsteps of our local bar and restaurant scene. Understanding that a lack of clear communication was to blame, we set out to create an app that not only showcased the best of the local eateries and watering holes, but also acted as a beacon for all of those who were looking to take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of the local cuisine.

In the past year, we’ve seen our fair share of deals and specials roll through our platform,, mostly because we decided to let the businesses control their own content on our app. Doing this created a dynamic list of bar and restaurant specials that constantly changed, meaning that no two days on our app would ever be the same! Having seen all of these deals come and go, and monitoring the success rates of these offerings, we slowly began to understand some generalities about these deals, namely, what made them appealing to the majority of our users.

Below, we’ve listed our some general tips and tricks that you can implement RIGHT NOW to increase your visibility on PLATE, and begin attracting those potential customers that are searching for you! Read on!

A beautiful burger picture.

A Mouthwatering Picture

You probably already knew this, but it’s worth stating again. Beyond looking amazing, a great picture really showcases the value of your offerings for potential customers.


  1. A Picture’s worth a thousand “Claims”! If you’re taking pictures on or from your mobile phone, be sure to shoot them in Landscape Mode (sideways phone). Due to the way our app reformats pictures, this method produces the best results.
  2. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting! We can’t stress this one enough. Dark pictures are just downright depressing, and no-one wants to visit a place that doesn’t appear to be welcoming. Natural lighting from windows is always a great way to brighten up any picture of food, but in the off chance that you either don’t have any windows or the sun isn’t out, an iPhone light at a safe distance should do the trick!
  3. Show ‘em everything! If your deal/special has multiple components to it, be sure to capture all of them in the photo. In the 3 seconds it takes for someone to decide if they’re interested in your special or deal, it’s important to show as much value as possible. Layering all of your offerings into the picture in a neat and clean manner is definitely the way to do that.

An Appetizing Caption

Which would you rather eat?

“A slice of our famous “House” Pizza!”


“A slice of our hot, wood-fire baked “House” Pizza - Made with our rich, homemade tomato sauce, a tasty mixture of Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, and fresh Pepperoni; all baked on our Traditional Dough!”

Yep, that’s what we thought.


  1. Express yourself! Have an ingredient that makes your food or drink item unique? Write it up! Have a one-of-a-kind technique that makes your item taste better than the rest? List it! This is your ability to really let users and potential customers see just how special your specials and deals are.
  2. Getting stuck on the wording? WE CAN HELP! (link to email us)

An Appetizing Caption

People tend to eat (and drink) during some pretty standard times. The understood time for lunch specials is between 10 AM - 2 PM, while dinner specials usually begin at 4-5 PM and taper off at around 8-9 PM. But, if you put yourself out there at different times, you may be surprised with the results!

  1. Pair it up! While we suggest being present during those hot hours, we also think it’s extremely important to pair food specials with drink specials and vice-versa. Have a great happy hour? Run a food special alongside it to bring in different types of customers and really maximize your awareness.
  2. Spread it out! One of the most important things that successful businesses have in common on PLATE is that they always have a special running from their opening hours to their closing hours. Sometimes that involves multiple specials and deals taking up different time slots. Take full advantage of the attention and make sure your businesses specials and deals can be seen all day/night long!

Written By: Thomas Trahan, Co-Founder of PLATE