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PLATE For Users

This is how PLATE works for users.

Experience your city

Dining at restaurants and frequenting bars is practically one of America’s Pastimes. But unfortunately, sometimes your budget can get tight, which is exactly where PLATE comes in! The PLATE App highlights deals and specials from your favorite bars and restaurants around town, meaning that you can experience everything your city has to offer without completely breaking the bank.

PLATE is alive and constantly changing -- the same deals you see at noon won’t be the same deal you see at 5 PM! Because of this, we’ve made PLATE Real-Time, meaning that the deals you see on the app are happening at that exact moment. We even show you the closest deals first, allowing you to stay close to your home or office, or get adventurous and try places on the other side of town! USE PLATE FOR FREE! (onelink here to the stores)

Click here to download in the App Store! *Coming soon to Android*

PLATE For Businesses

This is how PLATE works for businesses.

Up-to-date Statistics and More

Let’s face it: Marketing for Bars and Restaurants is changing. Don't get us wrong, there are still some effective channels, but most of the time you’ll never know where any results are coming from. This lack of information is exactly why we’ve created PLATE. Behind our list of features and clean pictures is a lean and mean marketing platform, which allows us to show exactly how effective your deals/specials are. With numbers such as Active Users, how many people Opened (viewed) your deal, and how many people claimed (purchased) your deal, you’ll know exactly how effective your offerings are!

PLATE allows you to market directly through the best billboard there is: your customers’ phones! Your restaurant and/or bar now has the opportunity to showcase its daily offerings directly to a base of hungry and thirsty users when they’re trying to make a decision! Join us as we aim to help you drive traffic, create awareness, and build customer loyalty!